Ring of Bjolfur

Competition proposal - Winner

TEAM: Arkibygg + ESJA Architecture + A.K. Gudmundsdottir + K. Mogensen + exa nordic | Ástríður  Brina Árnadóttir, Stefanía Helga Pálmarsdóttir, Auður Hreiðarsdóttir, Anna Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Kjartan Mogensen, Arnar Björn Björnsson, Arinbjörn Friðriksson LOCATION: Seydisfjordur, Iceland CLIENT: Mulathing PRESENTATION

Ring of Bjolfur is a product of a multidisciplinary creative collaboration of the dedicated team members. The following is stated in the jury review:

“The proposal is comprehensive and well presented. The circle is a very strong shape that fits in a unique way in the landscape and is a fascinating contrast to its surroundings and offers a hovering and unique experience, beyond what can be experienced from the mountain edge. 

The ring and the connection to Bjólfur’s mound is very interesting and will prove useful for cultural and tourism-related activities and information in the area.

The jury assessed the proposal as a particularly interesting landmark that resonates with the landscape in a simple but impactful way where the user is led in a closed environment without hurdles. Disabled also do not have to overcome any height barriers and the proposal ensures a good flow of tourists around the area. “Simple, unique and strong architecture that the jury believes can serve as a very strong attraction and has all the elements needed to provide an unique experience”