C40 - Gufunes Pier

Competition proposal - Winner

TEAM: Þorpið vistfélag, Yrki, Environice, Vatnaskil, Eykt, True North, Kjarnasamfélag Reykjavíkur, Elding Adventur at Sea, World Class, exa nordic | LOCATION: Gufunes, Reykjavík | CLIENT: Reykjavik Municipality | IMAGES: Yrki

Winning proposal in an international competition hosted by C40 Reinventing Cities which is an organisation that includes almost 100 major cities all around the world. The focus of the C40 organisations it to promote more sustainable city development.

From the homepage of Þorpið Vistfélag: “The idea is that the pier will become a kind of social and transportation center – where people and companies connect in various ways. Piers have played an important role in Icelandic society throughout the years, in terms of transportation, transport, fishing and more. All over the world, older piers have become a magnet for culture and human life.

In accordance with the activities in Gufunesi since the film industry is bulky, there are ideas for the pier to house a film company, as well as apartments, a kindergarten serving the neighborhood, a grocery store and a restaurant that will be partially underwater. A spa connected to the beach with a swimming pool, sea swimming facilities, sauna and all kinds of fitness. At the pier, there could also be facilities for sailing on kayaks, etc.